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With all of the upscale services concierge companies provide for their high end clients, booking big name entertainment for their client's private parties, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays can be a great additional service for a concierge company to add to their list of services.  With Booking Entertainment, booking any act in the business anywhere in the world is now easy and trouble free.


How concierge companies can book big name entertainment for their clients

We will be happy to assist you in securing any big name act for your client's affairs, and the best part is that they don't need to know that Booking Entertainment was even in the picture.  Use our website or the Booking Entertainment app to browse through over 1,500 entertainers, bands, celebrities and comedians to find the perfect one for your client's tastes and budget.  We will be happy to contract the talent for you, or you can have us produce the entire musical portion of the event.

Our team will even wear your company's shirts to make it look like your company is running the entire production.  With you as our client, we never need to interface with your client, and they never need to know we exist.  We can also build a fee into the contract for you, or you can charge your client a fee over and above.  We will always make sure you are protected in the deal because you are our client.

Please feel free to contact us at (212) 645-0555 with any questions.  You can also email us or fill out an entertainment request form below and one of our entertainment specialist will get back to you right away to discuss exactly what your client is looking for to make booking entertainment for their event an easy and trouble free experience...

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"When you are looking to book big name entertainment for an event, there are a number of pop up booking agencies on the web that if they are reputable, simply book the acts and leave you to handle all of the responsibilities of producing the entertainment portion of your event. Our entertainment booking agents have been personally trained by me to ensure that the entire booking process and event production is handled flawlessly and with the personal touch that I make sure goes into every corporate event, private party or public concert that we handle. My reputation is on the line for every show we do, and I ensure that both our clients and the acts / celebrities that we book are treated to our unprecedented level of service.

Let our entertainment agent specialists show you how we can save you up to 30% on your production costs and why so many of our clients come back to our booking agency year after year to enjoy our hassle free service when they want to book big name entertainment for corporate events, private parties and public concerts worldwide."

CEO & President - Steve Einzig